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Regular Fit Chinos

There are many different cuts to trousers, such as skinny fit or slim fit chinos, or even drop crotch chinos, but many people prefer regular fit chinos. Regular fit is as basic as it sounds; straight leg, no tapering or difference between the pockets and hems. As chinos are worn by many men, both young, old and in between, they are hitting a boom right now and that’s why there are so many styles, cuts and colours to choose from.

There are designer named chinos or high street names, but as they are less complicated to make compared to denim jeans, they are far more affordable.

Buy Regular Fit Chinos Today

Regular fit chinos really look the part and are available in 100% cotton, too, which makes them soft, comfortable and as they are so versatile, you can wear them almost anywhere. Buying higher quality chinos will ensure they last longer and because you’ll find there is always an occasion to wear them, from going out clubbing, playing golf, shopping, or just watching TV, you’ll find that having a few pairs in your wardrobe is one of the best investments you can make.

Some regular fit chinos have back pockets, others don’t, while some have site or thigh pockets so you can carry more items around with you. Whether you go for a cargo-pant type chino or just plain and simply regular fit chinos, you will be assured of feeling good and looking good at the same time. Check out the range of regular fit chinos that are available here.